Strategic Partners

Russ Crabtree and Robyn Strain — Holy Cow Consulting
Russ and Robyn serve as our survey consultants when we need to understand our client organizations in a very comprehensive and detailed way. The “owl sight” of their instruments bring immeasurable value to inform the search process.

Bill Hendricks — The Giftedness Center
Bill co-authored The Power of Uniqueness with SIMA’s founder, Arthur Miller.  Bill also partners with us in the deep understanding of candidates’ giftedness using the power of SIMA.

Don Kiehl — The Motivational Analyst
Don is a valuable partner in many of our searches, using his gifts of understanding people through SIMA benchmarking interviews, Motivated Abilities Patterns with finalists, and thorough reference checking using the SIMA lens.

Joshua Miller, Ph.D.– SIMA International East Central
As the grandson of SIMA founder, Art Miller, Jr., Joshua brings his rich SIMA expertise to assist with understanding candidates’ fit with our client organizations.