Over the past 15 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with incredible churches across the U.S. to identify leaders who are passionate about ministry and furthering the message of the Gospel.

Finding a leader for your church comes with a degree of pressure and importance. You want to find a candidate who is qualified, called, and experienced, but also has the passion and fit to move your church in a positive direction. You want a strong leader to mentor, guide, and direct your staff and congregation who is essential to the continued growth of your church’s influence and effectiveness, both regionally and globally. Your church is unique and filled with a mix of backgrounds and skills; You need the right leader that fits you and your church culture.

You need a leader who can utilize everyone’s strengths, build a collaborative team, and continue the mission and calling of your church. We’ll help you find that right leader.

Working with Your Search Committee

When JobfitMatters works with your church, we develop a true partnership with the search committee. We listen intently to understand the problems and challenges that your church is facing. We also work to understand the strengths of your ministry. Learn more about how we work with your Search Committee.

Our Proven Process

Our process is thorough, and it works. You will have a choice between candidates whose experience, giftedness, and calling will best serve your community. Learn more about our Proven Process.

The Results

Your church deserves a candidate who will stay and grow your church through the long haul. And we’ve done it in the past- on average, 72% of church leaders recruited by JobfitMatters are still in place after 5 years!

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