Since 1997, we’ve worked with over 300 Christian ministries and missions organizations to identify high-quality, passionate candidates for various executive leadership roles. Our network expands across various sectors, allowing us to help you find a leader to lead your organization into the future well. We know Christian ministries are facing a myriad of challenges: raising adequate funds, maintaining appropriate board governance, and/or developing a cohesive strategic plan which will facilitate success. Identifying the right leader to address these challenges is our area of expertise.

We understand you need a leader who can expand opportunities for those you serve, lead the organization into its next chapter of growth, develop, and champion a long-term vision.  We have experience recruiting leaders who are strategic, forward-thinking leaders, motivated by faith, and passionate about ministries like yours.

We’ll help you identify and articulate the qualities and attributes of the desired leader beyond just a job description.  We look at a candidate through the lens of their giftedness—the core strengths and natural motivation they use to do things that they find satisfying and productive— to ensure they will be the best possible fit for a position.

JobfitMatters will help you find the right leader who has the gifts and necessary experience to be a good fit for your organization.  We have proven success in doing so.

Working with your Search Committee

When JobfitMatters works with you, we truly partner with your board. We want to understand the problems and challenges you have and what kind of leader you are seeking.  Learn more about how we work with your search committee or board.

Our Proven Process

Our process is thorough, and it works. Your organization deserves a leader who is not only called and qualified, but passionate about the mission and values of your organization and those you serve. With JobfitMatters, we’ll deliver candidates whose giftedness will best serve your community.  Learn more about our Proven Process.

Our Results

Everyone involved with your organization deserves a leader who is invested and passionate, with a vision for the future. Our experience working with nonprofit organizations is extensive and successful – 83% of nonprofit leaders JobfitMatters has placed are still leading after 5 years.