For the past 10 years, JobfitMatters has served Christian schools of all sizes and affiliations – church-affiliated, independent, classical, and traditional. Our experience is finding leaders who are passionate about educating the next generation of Christian learners, and our network within the Christian education sector is unparalleled.

We understand you need a leader who will help guide your school in a positive direction of growth, lead the spiritual direction of the school, steward your school’s resources, and represent the unique mission of your school well.   We also know that your school has unique characteristics, needs, and challenges.  We go to great lengths to understand these, as well as each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, to ensure long-term flourishing.

We have experience identifying leaders who promote an atmosphere of unity, trust, and open, honest communication and are passionate about the local church and Christian education.   We understand how to spot strategic leaders and those who can help others strive toward their God-given potential.

In sum, JobfitMatters will help you find gifted candidates passionate about providing opportunities for success to your students and families.  And we have proven results.

Working with your Search Committee

When JobfitMatters serves your school, we truly partner with your search committee and board. We’ll help you define long-term goals and review your strategic plan, so you can select the right person to bring the organization into a flourishing future. Learn more.

Our Proven Process

Our process is thorough, and it works.  We’ll deliver a pool of candidates whose experience and giftedness matches what your school needs to lead you through the challenges you face.  Learn more about our Proven Process.

Our Results

Experience shows the high cost of a bad hire – financially, culturally, and perceptually.   We know that in Christian schools the average tenure of a Head of School is sadly three years.  Your school deserves a candidate who will stay and grow your school through the long haul. We’ve done it in the past.  On average, 77% of the Heads of Schools recruited by JobfitMatters in the last 7 years are still serving!   93% of the Heads recruited in the last 3 years are still serving.