“Higher education in North America stands at a crossroads. Society has become much more urban, stratified, and culturally diverse; students who enroll in college today are more poorly prepared than their parents’ generation and more pessimistic about the future. The world is post-Christian, globalized, and fragmented as social, economic, political, religious, and ethnic cleavages widen. Society’s trust in higher education is declining and the demand for accountability is increasing.”

Merrill Ewert, “Christian Higher Education: Engaging Society and Culture”
Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum

Considering this and other significant challenges facing Christian higher education, the selection of a president is the single trustee action that most clearly sets the direction of an institution. Trustees must be vigilant in their role of selecting presidents who share their commitment to Christ-centered education and equally vigilant in working alongside that president to ensure that the institution’s mission is faithfully implemented.

Since our first college president search in 1997, we’ve worked with colleges, universities and seminaries in Christian higher education who are passionate about educating the next generation of Christian leaders.  We’ll help you find the president who will faithfully fulfill your institution’s unique mission. 

Working with Your Board

The success of the president is intrinsically dependent upon the Board’s expectations. Our goal is to begin the search with a clear understanding of the Board’s expectations and of the challenges facing the institution. Learn more.

Our Proven Process

Our process is thorough, and it works. We’ll deliver a pool of candidates whose experience and giftedness matches what your institution needs to lead you through the challenges you face. Learn more about our Proven Process.

The Results

We have successfully worked with the Boards of over 30 Christian colleges, universities, and/or seminaries. Your institution deserves a candidate who will stay and grow your school through the long haul. And we’ve done it in the past – 83% of university presidents placed in the last 8 years are still serving.