The roughly 3.7 million NGOs worldwide face a myriad of challenges: finding enough funding for their work, maintaining appropriate board governance and accountability, and developing cohesive strategic plans which will facilitate success in their activities and mission. Identifying the right leader to address these challenges is our area of expertise.

Beginning with the search that brought Rich Stearns from Lenox China to World Vision US in 1997, we have served a wide range of NGOs. We understand the unique challenges that NGOs of all sizes face and we are passionate about finding the right leaders to serve your organization.

We help you find gifted candidates passionate about furthering the mission of your organization.

Ideally, this person is a strategic, forward-thinking leader, motivated by faith and passionate about your ministry and its constituents. This person understands the dynamics and organizational life cycle of ministries, including reaching financial goals, fundraising, and mission fulfillment. We’ll help you find that leader.

Working with the Search Committee

When JobfitMatters works with your search committee, we develop a true partnership. We work to understand your organization’s challenges and bring you the leader who is equipped to lead through these challenges and meet the expectations of the Board.  Learn more about how we work with your Search Committee and Board. 

Our Proven Process

Our process is thorough, and it works.  We’ll deliver a pool of candidates whose experience and giftedness matches what the organization needs to lead you through the challenges you face.  Learn more about our Proven Process.

The Results
Everyone involved with your organization deserves a leader who is invested and passionate, with a vision for the future. Our experience working with NGO’s is extensive and successful – 83% of NGO leaders JobfitMatters has placed are still leading after 5 years.