Brodie Croyle – My Dad’s Greatest Gift to Me was the Freedom to Fail

“I think when we think about relationships, we think about people, but if you really go back and you capture your relationships with people, they all started based off of a relationship with a particular set of values.” -Brodie Croyle

If you missed last week’s podcast, you’re joining us in the middle of a conversation with Brodie Croyle, the President, and CEO of Big Oak Ranch.  

This is a part of the series, The Coaches In My Life, where I interview men and women who’ve excelled in athletics with the hope of discovering what good coaches do to bring out the best in their athletes.  

I believe a lot of the aspects of teamwork in athletics are transferable to teamwork in a nonprofit setting. Let’s pick up the conversation where we left off last week. 

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“When you’re asking more of someone else than you’re willing to ask, that’s where you create a toxic culture.” -Brodie Croyle

Show Notes

[1:45] – What would Brodie’s team say is the most difficult thing about working for him?

[3:30] – Brodies discusses how important it is for our values to never waiver.

[4:24] – We learn what Brodie’s team would say is the best part about working for him.

[5:05] – Brodie’s stance on giving someone a second chance. 

[8:11] – This has been the toughest part about following his dad’s leadership, in Brodie’s opinion.

[9:55] – What was the biggest transition that Brodie found in learning to report to a board?

[12:00] – We hear what Brodie has sought in his own board. 

[13:12] – Brodie shares a story about the extent of his fundraising before he was CEO and the greatest lesson he ever learned about it.

[15:30] – These are the types of risk conversations Brodie’s board has been having. 

[18:29] – We learn the mental process Brodie goes through when dealing with risk.

[20:20] – What lessons does Brodie wish someone told him early on in his life about leadership?  

[22:10] – Brodie reveals what we would tell those following in his footsteps just starting out in their own careers.

“And to me, that’s one of the most beautiful parts of leadership. Whether it be from my seat or our house parents, leaving their children and let them see you fail, let them see you’re human.” -Brodie Croyle

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