Brodie Croyle – The Coaches in My Life

“I will tell you the NFL taught me more about leadership than any other time in my life.” -Brodie Croyle

I believe a lot of aspects of teamwork in athletics are transferable to teamwork in the nonprofit sector.

Our guest today is Brodie Croyle, the President and CEO of Big Oak Ranch.  Brodie is a native of Gadsden, Alabama, he played quarterback at the University of Alabama, and then went on to play professionally with the Kansas City Chiefs.  

Brodie is our second guest in a series that I’m calling The Coaches in My Life where I interview men and women who have excelled in athletics with the hope of discovering what good coaches can do to bring out the best in their athletes. 

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“There are 3.5 million children in our country that don’t know if they’re going to have a meal today. Don’t know where they’re going to sleep tonight. Don’t know the same pain that was waiting behind the door last night, if it’s going to be waiting for them again tonight.” -Brodie Croyle

Show Notes

[1:44] – We’re introduced to Brodie Croyle and learn about Big Oak Ranch.

[3:20] – Brodie shares a story about how he told his dad about his vision for the future. 

[5:00] – Brodie discusses what he and his team believe a real family means to them. 

[8:05] – This is how we can learn about Planning Oaks. 

[8:27] – These are the formative experiences that led Brodie to the path he’s on today.

[10:39] – Brodie reveals his “Jesus story.”

[13:19] – The shift in Brodie’s life came when he was reading his playbook and his wife was reading hers.

[15:45] – We learn why Brodie was willing to dedicate his life to giving kids a better life.

[17:49] –Which coaches got the most out of Brodie?

[19:56] – Is there a difference in the way the pros coached Brodie versus the coaches at Alabama?

[20:44] – Thinking back to all of the teams Brodie played on, we hear what teams he believes were the best.

[22:41] – The decision to retire from the NFL.

[25:16] – We’re taken through the thought process of why leadership at Big Oak was right for Brodie.

[28:39] – Tommy wraps up the conversation.

“I tell people if God’s not first on your list, he is not on your list.” -Brodie Croyle

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