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The Chief Development Officer and the President also are co-strategists in the sense of –  How do we see the right people at the right time? Have the right conversations with them and getting that right tactically?” -Ted Grossnickle

Today, we’re continuing our conversation we began last week with Ted Grossnickle.  Ted is a former chair of the Giving Institute. He serves on the board of Garrett Theological Seminary, and is counselor to The Generosity Commission. We continue our conversation on giving and voluntary action. Ted is serving his second term on the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Board of Visitors.  Ted brings decades of experience to the conversation about fundraising, philanthropy, generosity, and volunteerism.

Show Notes

1:30 – The relationship between the CEO and the Chief Development Officer

6:00 – Ted’s recollections of the first nonprofit Board on which he served

7:00 – The importance of asking questions in a Board Meeting

10:00 – The importance of diversity (age, gender, community stature, etc.) for the nonprofit Board.

12:00 – Board Improvement

14:00 – Risk Management

16:00 – The Executive Committee

19:00 – Words and phrases that describe the best Board Chair Ted has served under

23:00 – The CEO Evaluation and Succession Planning

25:00 – Counsel to the incoming Board Chair

“Regarding succession planning, sometime soon into the first term for a new President the Board needs to say – Mr./Ms. President, we hope to have you here for a long time, but what are our plans for succession planning?” -Ted Grossnickle

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