Ted Grossnickle – Philanthropy, Volunteerism and the Nonprofit Sector

There’s a high degree of correlation, for example, in younger people between them making a gift to an organization, and they’re having had real experience with it or volunteered for it.” -Ted Grossnickle

Show Notes

3:00 – Ted remembers his first job as a fundraising professional

4:30 – Ted remembers his first “major gift”

6:00 – The Generosity Commission and Giving USA

14:00 – Has the pandemic fundamentally changed philanthropy?

17:00 – How has the field of philanthropy changed over the past 30-40 years?

21:00 – Qualities of a great major gifts officer

26:00 – How long does it take to nurture and receive a legacy gift?

A major gift officer has a relationship of trust and authenticity with a donor.   It’s not commoditized.  This is not a transaction. This is where that gift officer helps a donor do something that may give them some of the biggest meaning in their lives.” -Ted Grossnickle

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Giving USA / The Generosity Commission


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