Nathan Hatch: A History Professors Journey from the classroom to the President of Wake Forest University – Part 2

“You need to work hard, but it can’t always be with you.” -Dr. Nathan Hatch

Today’s episode is a continuation of the conversation that we began last week with Dr. Nathan Hatch, President Emeritus of Wake Forest University. One of the highlights of last week’s conversation was Nathan’s insight into the hiring process. He took us into what has been successful for him in hiring great leaders and team members. 

Be sure to listen to Part 1 of my conversation with Nathan in case you missed it.

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Let’s pick up where we left off last week.


“It’s wonderful to be a part of a team where you want to go to work every day and it can be terrible if having to go to work is a chore.” -Dr. Nathan Hatch

Show Notes

[1:48] – Tommy continues the conversation with Dr. Nathan Hatch and he discusses how a new president can discover the soul of an institution.

[5:22] – The biggest risk Nathan took at Wake Forest.

[6:33] – Nathan reviews the office of the president, the office of the provost, and the different competencies he used in fulfilling both roles.  

[9:20] – We hear the point in Dr. Nathan’s career when he was introduced to the responsibilities of fundraising.

[12:17] – The Wake Forest Fellows Program, as described by Dr. Nathan.

[14:53] – This is what goes into Nathan’s decision process when determining whether or not to give someone a second chance. 

[18:02] – Nathan explains the work/life balance of being president of Wake Forest University.

[19:36] – This is when a president should start thinking about succession planning, according to Nathan.

[21:00] – Would Nathan do a do-over at any part in his career? 

[22:58] – Nathan shares his advice for those aspiring to be a president in higher education. 

[25:19] – Tommy wraps up his conversation with Dr. Nathan Hatch and recounts his history with him.

“It seems to me that’s an issue that a lot of particularly new leaders face—to what extent do you rely on the traditional?” -Dr. Nathan Hatch

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