Matt Lucas – His Journey from Higher Education to Our Daily Bread

“That’s a challenge in leadership, because what do you share? How much do you share with those around you?” -Dr. Matt Lucas

Our guest today is Dr. Matt Lucas. Dr. Lucas enjoyed a high-impact career in higher education prior to becoming the president and CEO of Our Daily Bread. 

Prior to being named as Our Daily Bread’s new CEO, Matt served most recently as Chancellor at Indiana Wesleyan University-National & Global, and as Provost and Executive Vice President at Corban University from 2008 to 2017. 

After nearly 20 years of working in higher education, Dr. Matt had been considering a change in his career, whether that looked like becoming an executive pastor or some other form of ministry.

When Our Daily Bread first asked if he would be interested in the position, Matt saw the opportunity as a way of God clarifying his steps, but he still did not think becoming the CEO of such an established organization would be his next opportunity.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Matt as we discuss what led to his transition to Our Daily Bread, his experience of being second in command and the CEO, facing the fork in the metaphorical road, and the challenges he overcame along the way.

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“I think early in my career, I felt at times, maybe guilty for being strong in some areas, because…I was worried how others would perceive that.” -Dr. Matt Lucas

Show Notes

[1:35] – We’re introduced to our guest, Dr. Matt Lucas, and learn what led to the decision to move from the classroom to administration.

[4:19] – What was the thread that kept Matt going as he moved up the administrative ladder? 

[6:20] – The transition to Our Daily Bread. 

[8:44] – This is what Matt believes was in the mindset of Our Daily Bread’s leadership to give a chance to someone from the outside to lead the ministry.

[11:20] – We hear how Rick’s taking a backseat and deferring to Matt was a testament to Rick’s humility and character.  

[12:55] – This is what the CEO / Board Chair relationship looks like for Dr. Matt.

[15:52] – These are the different competencies Matt has used in the office of the President and while being the second in charge. 

[17:52] – Dr. Matt reveals what he asks others serving the office of the President.

[19:10] – What does delegation look like in Matt’s life? 

[21:14] – Dr. Matt explains how he’s not a detail person, so this is what it looks like delegating detail-oriented tasks to detail-oriented people.

[22:43] – We learn about the lessons Matt has learned about authenticity throughout his career.

[24:26] – This is how transparency applies to authenticity, according to Matt. 

[26:55] – Matt discusses the impact of a book he read called Dangerous Calling, by Paul David.

[27:37] – What would Matt do-over in his career?

[29:31] – What does Matt wish someone told him earlier in his career? 

[31:09] – We hear the advice Matt would give to someone mid-career who might be facing a fork in the road.

“I look forward to being 60 and…the wisdom, the gravitas that you gain if you continue to pursue a life that’s soft towards God and open towards others, I’m looking forward to that.” -Dr. Matt Lucas

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