Joshua Harber – Philanthropy in Papua New Guinea and Beyond

“Even with…only a few seminaries, [the people of Papua New Guinea] are predominantly people who really are dedicated to the Word.” -Joshua Harber

Welcome to the Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership With Tommy Thomas podcast.  Our guest today is Joshua Harber. 

My records show that in October of 2012, I was working with Haggai International on their Chief Development Officer search and someone had given me Joshua’s name as a potential candidate. I reached out to him, and at the time, I believe he was working with Wycliffe.

Ultimately, Joshua’s path would lead him to a very different place.

In this episode, we’ll learn what it’s like moving overseas to help local communities build their own fundraising space, the relationship between missions trips and western influence, and the advice Joshua would give to those wanting to follow in his footsteps.

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“And so…for your listeners [interested in going into fundraising]…I hope they have a vision. I hope they understand that it’s very much a contribution to Kingdom work, but we’re kind of a smaller pool of people.” -Joshua Harber

Show Notes

[2:22] – We’re introduced to today’s guest, Joshua Harber, and we learn about Joshua’s first fundraising job.

[4:50] – Joshua was initially skeptical about becoming a fundraiser. 

[5:52] – We learn about Joshua’s mentors early in his career.

[8:14] – Joshua chats about his time at Wycliffe and his experience with them today.

[10:39] – What was Les Klein like as a boss and mentor to Joshua?

[12:55] – Joshua reveals what led him and his wife to uproot their family and move to Papua New Guinea.

[15:45] – From a professional perspective, Joshua talks about the moonlighting he had been doing in his career while at Wycliffe and how that helped influence the decision to move overseas.

[18:22] – More and more opportunities in other countries kept coming up.  This is how Joshua and his wife responded to the calling.

[21:07] – These are some of the lessons Joshua has learned being overseas. 

[24:04] – Joshua discusses the third wave of missions.

[27:06] – Joshua recaps the two main lessons he’s learned.

[29:01] – What’s next for Joshua and his family after having been overseas for almost seven years?

[31:44] – This is the counsel Joshua would give to someone inspired by the work his family has been doing.

[33:30] – Joshua speaks directly to the listeners of this podcast who might have the itch to go overseas to work in the fundraising space.

[37:14] – Tommy concludes the conversation. 

“I am a bit more excited about the decentralized effort, or the effort that says, ‘Let’s help our brothers and sisters—wherever they may be—to catch a vision for, and get some training for, and get some experience and success in fundraising under their own direction.” -Joshua Harber

Links and Resources

JobfitMatters – Website

Book – The Spirituality of Fundraising, by Henri Nouwen


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