Greg Pope – Insights into Nonprofit Board Service

“A very good CEO evaluation has a science behind it, organizational development, human resources. So I think just coming up with a series of questions or just sitting down and having a conversation, may be enough in some organizations, but won’t be nearly as effective as if it’s programmed the best.” -Greg Pope

Today we are talking with Greg Pope – Chief Mission Integration Officer at Ascension Saint Thomas in Nashville.

You may remember Greg from the episode, How Garrison Keillor and Lake Wobegon Launched his Career in Philanthropy. Well today, we’re going to switch gears from discussing philanthropy to getting Greg’s insights into Nonprofit Board Service.

Show Notes

0:40 – Greg talks about his first nonprofit Board experience

3:50 – Greg’s counsel to those who think they want to start a nonprofit

7:41 – the difference between a Board of Directors and a Board of Reference or Advisory Board

9:28 – What determines the composition of a nonprofit Board?

12:10 – Greg’s thoughts on having a “glass if half empty” person on the Board

15:17 – What makes a good nonprofit Board Chair?

19:32 – The nonprofit CEO Evaluation

24:53 – Greg’s counsel to anyone who thinks they want or need to start a new nonprofit

“You have four quadrants of board members. You have wisdom, authority, energy, and enthusiasm. Wisdom and authority tend to be in the upper quadrants. These upper quadrants tend to be older, more mature people because they developed that way. Energy and enthusiasm tend to be in the lower quadrants. These tend to be younger people.” -Greg Pope

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