Elisa Morgan – Hearing God’s Call in the King Soopers Checkout Line – Part 1

“God uses me sometimes more powerfully because I’m broken.” –Elisa Morgan

My first contact with today’s guest was in 2002.  I have a record in my database of sending her an email announcement for the CEO search that I was conducting for the Bible League.

Back in those days—as I still do today—I contact leaders in the nonprofit sector with the hopes that they will lead me to people in their networks that I should consider as candidates. 

Welcome to this episode of the Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership With Tommy Thomas podcast.  Our guest today is Elisa Morgan: author, podcaster, and president emeritus of MOPS International.

In this episode, we’ll ask Elisa what called her to MOPS International, what some of her most trying experiences have been, and what factors she believes have helped her succeed.

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“Money plus management equals leadership, and all are equally important.” -Elisa Morgan

Show Notes

[1:50] – An introduction to our guest, Elisa Morgan.

[3:11] – What did Elisa see in a checkout line that put her on her career path.

[4:14] – Elisa discusses one of her most trying experiences and also tells us her book, The Beauty Of Broken. 

[6:35] – This is how Elisa came to MOPS.

[8:51] – Elisa recounts her first board meeting.

[10:55] – This is what Elisa means when she says, “Money plus management equals leadership, and all are equally important.”

[13:02] – We hear what Elisa remembers about her first team.

[15:57] – What is a factor that Elisa believes helped her succeed? 

[17:45] – Elisa reveals how MOPS in her time would have done in today’s culture.

[20:49] – Elisa reveals whether she would give someone a second chance.

[23:18] – Tommy concludes the conversation.

“I think success comes when we view it as a shaper and as an invitation to adapt.” –Elisa Morgan

Links and Resources

JobfitMatters – Website

MOPS International – Website

Book – The Beauty Of Broken, by Elisa Morgan


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