Dr. Terry Franson – I Coach the Person, Not the Sport (Part 2)

“The purest form of excellence is brokenness.”  -Dr. Terry Franson

We continue our conversation today with Dr. Terry Franson.  Terry coached Azusa Pacific University’s Track & Field Team from 1980 to 1995.  He coached the Men’s Track & Field Team to 11 outdoor championships in 13 years—the most in NAIA history. 

Throughout his career, Terry coached 123 NAIA All Americans, 81 National Championships, and 8 Olympians.  

In our episode today, Dr. Terry Franson shares his 20 coaching tips and explains how he tries to live his life by them.  

Be sure to listen to the first part of my conversation with Dr. Terry, I Coach the Person, Not the Sport (Part 1).  

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“Lead from the heart.” -Dr. Terry Franson

Show Notes

[1:23] – Tommy reintroduces Dr. Terry Franson and continues the conversation from our last episode.

[2:12] – Dr. Terry shares his tips for coaching.

[4:56] – Dr. Terry explains what he means by “the first no is the beginning of the opportunity.”

[6:16] – How Dr. Terry balanced life while on the big stage. 

[8:15] – The philosophy of the word “Team”, according to Dr. Terry.

[9:40] – What ‘facetime’ means to Terry Franson.

[12:08] – Playing offense is given new meaning.

[14:33] – We learn how Terry was inspired by Anne Sullivan.

[16:00] – Dr. Terry reveals that he’s had forty four vocal cord surgeries and how these impacted his life.

[18:02] – How coaching can take a toll on the family, and how Dr. Terry’s wife plays a role in keeping family life balanced. 

[20:01] – Does Dr. Terry Franson miss coaching?  Here are his final thoughts.

“Give your job your best, not your all.  If you give your job your all, there’s not much left when you come home.” -Dr. Terry Franson

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Anne Sullivan

Azusa Pacific University

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