Difficult Decisions – Does Everyone Deserve a Second Chance?

“Although every organization has human resources, policies, and guidelines, some of these points come down just to an individual decision [whether or not someone deserves a second chance].” – Dr. Sandra Gray

If you haven’t made mistakes—some more costly than others—then you are not human.  We’ve all made mistakes and would all like a second chance.

Because I believe second chances are so important, this is one of the questions I frequently ask our guests on our Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership with Tommy Thomas podcast.  

I usually frame the question like this: “What would go into your decision about giving an employee who had clearly done something wrong or inappropriate a second chance?”

In this episode, we explore how some of our guests responded to this question and we reflect on the life and leadership lessons we’ve learned from them along the way.  After all, these guests have been there and done that, and—as the saying goes—have the t-shirt to prove it.

This episode is a great introductory episode to share with the nonprofit board members you know as it introduces a variety of guests and will hopefully inspire them to further explore these guests in their featured episodes.

We hope you enjoy these timeless reflections about second chances!

“Humility is a huge variable.  How do you measure that graciousness in people?  Because [humility is] hard to find.  But once you see it in somebody, you know it.” – Dr. Alan S. Cureton

Show Notes

[0:13] – Tommy Thomas shares some quotes on second chances.

[1:58] – We hear how Dr. Sandra Gray confronts second chances. 

[4:05] – Dr. Andy Westmoreland reminds us that we’ve all fallen short.

[5:39] – Dr. Westmoreland is inspired to see someone reclaim.

[5:53] – Holly Moore presents a few of the questions she considers before determining whether a second chance is worthy.

[8:23] – Jim Loscheider gives his board members permission to make mistakes.

[9:10] – Jim explains the only mistake he and his board members will not tolerate.

[10:47] – Tommy shares an excerpt from an early interview with Dr. Alan Cureton.

[11:33] – Dr. Alan Cureton shares what happens if he senses someone is not being sincere with their repentance.

[13:10] – Tommy leaves us with some parting words for first-time listeners.

“So many times, [those that genuinely feel remorse and who are willing to accept responsibility] will come back and they’ll be stronger and better than ever for having gone through that experience.” – Holly Moore

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