Dee Dee Rush, Barry Rush & Bob Tiede – Reflections on our Leadership Journey

He looked at me and he said, Barry, if you become a powerful servant, people will knock your door down. They will knock your door down to get to you.” -Barry Rush

Show Notes

1:00 – Dee Dee, Barry and Bob share their remembrances of their first team leadership role

5:00 – Not every leadership role turns out as expected

7:00 – Bob shares his experience as the President of the Josh McDowell Ministry

10:00 – Bob, Dee Dee and Barry share their greatest challenge and how they responded

14:30 – Barry, Bob and Dee Dee share the most difficult decision they have had to make as ministry leaders

18:00 – Habits or traits that can derail successful leaders

29:00 – Great leaders ask questions. They don’t think they need to have all the answers

Leadership can be a role, but it’s not limited to a role. You can have the role and not lead, but you can also lead and not have a leadership role.” -Dee Dee Rush

Links and Resources

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Link to book Superbia – Dr. Steven Willing

The Art of Virtue Based Transformational Leadership – Mark McCloskey


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