Dee Dee & Barry Rush & Bob Tiede – Leader Development within Cru

From Mark McCloskey’s perspective, the keys to transformational leadership are the leader’s relationships, roles, responsibilities and results.” -Barry Rush

Show Notes

1:00 – Early in the episode Bob Tiede gives some context as to how Leader Development was done in Cru in the early days and how that has evolved and progressed to the Leader Development Model they use today.

7:00 – Barry talks about the size of the cohort and some of the details of how the cohort works, frequency of meetings, etc.

8:17 – Experiential Learning

11:00 – The 24-Hour Challenge  Barry shares about what he learned from his Sunday School co-leader about developing training models

14:00 – As a direction setter, the leader must make sure that every person on his/her team can answer these three questions.

  1. What is the Mission
  2. What is my part in the Mission
  3. How do I do my part in the Mission

18:00 – How Bob Tiede recruited business executives from the private sector to be “coaches” for these emerging leaders

23:00 – Using Strength Finders to match the coach with the emerging leader

26:00 – The advantages of having a diverse cohort.  Diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, area of work, etc.

28:00 – Lessons learned during / from the pandemic

32:00 – Dee Dee, Barry and Bob’s wiliness to help people in other nonprofit organizations think through what this kind of Leader Development might look like in their organization

We make it in real time. As things are happening, they’re receiving feedback from these personal coaches, from their process coaches, from other people in the program that are around them and involved in the development with them.” -Dee Dee Rush

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