Dean Owen – Now is too Late – the Rapidly Changing World of Corporate Communications – Part 1

As a communications person in a nonprofit, your title should not be ‘VP for Communications’ or ‘Director of Communications’. It should simply be ‘Benevolent Opportunist’.  You are looking for opportunities to promote the organization in a way that is credible that journalists or others and the public are going to learn from and respect.” -Dean Owen

Show Notes

1:27:  How the assassination of John F. Kennedy influenced Dean’s career decision

2:27: Undergraduate work at UC – Berkeley and first job in journalism.

7:04:  Dean’s first management position

10:06:  What is difficult about working for Dean Owen?

11:54:  Communications and the nonprofit sector

17:23:  Data-driven story telling

19:46:  Communications challenges at World Vision

21:42:  Bob Sieple’s (World Vision President) first Op-Ed piece

I like to challenge people.  I like to push people to nudge them to do better, to look for different angles, to look for different aspects of a story, and to look ahead to things that might be coming down the road for the individuals or the issues that they’re writing about.” -Dean Owen

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November 22, 1963: Reflections on the Life, Assassination, and Legacy of John F. Kennedy by Dean Owen


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