David Williams: Leadership at Habitat, Make a Wish and more…

“Founders can be challenging individuals to work with because it’s their baby; they are passionate about it. And they’ve got strong views on just about everything.” -David Williams

Whether we realize it or not, each of us benefits from the work of the nonprofit sector. A strong nonprofit sector is key to thriving communities. At Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership with Tommy Thomas, we are on a journey – a journey to play a small part in equipping the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

Unlike similar shows where the guests often make their living writing, teaching, or speaking about leadership, our guests are seasoned leaders, and there is something we can learn from their experience that will make the nonprofit stronger and more effective.

Every day, nonprofits feed, heal, shelter, educate, inspire, and nurture people of every age, race, and socioeconomic status. The common thread that runs through each nonprofit story is that the impact of the organization rises and falls on leadership – leadership throughout the organization and leadership at the board level.

Join me, Dr. Tommy Thomas as we talk with David Williams about his leadership journey through the Houston Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity International, Make a Wish Foundation and currently – Shelters to Shutters.

Show Notes

2:21 – David responds to the question “what’s been the secret for staying with three organizations for over a decade each?”

5:24 – What’s the most difficult part of working with David Williams?

7:05 – What’s the most rewarding aspect of working for David Williams?

9:18 – David’s early days with the Houston Food Bank

11:53 – Raising money for the Houston Food Bank

14:47 – The different competencies between the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer

17:23 – David discusses the role of Boards in different sized organizations

22:24 – Board Culture – what kind of culture makes for an effective Board

25:41 – The ideal Board Chair

30:00 – How long should the term be for a Board Chair?

32:00 – Evaluating Board Meetings

36:00 – The CEO Evaluation and the Board

41:00 – “If you had a do-over in your career, what would it be?” 

Steven M. R. Covey wrote a book, The Speed of Trust, and I love the title because when you trust somebody, the speed in which you’re gonna be able to operate as an organization is just so much quicker and vice versa.” -David Williams

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