Danny Herron – He Thought He Wanted to be a Dentist – How He Became a Nonprofit CEO – Part 2

“We’re not backing down from excellence.” -Danny Herron

Welcome to the Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership With Tommy Thomas podcast.  Today, I’m continuing my conversation with Danny Herron.  

Danny is the President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville, where he has served with distinction since 2010. 

In this episode, Danny talks about his fundraising experience before joining Habitat, what he believes his team would say about working for him, and what advice Danny would give to the next generation of nonprofit leaders.  

And much more!

Be sure to check out Part 1 of my conversation with Danny by visiting our JobFitMatters website.  A link to that episode can also be found below.

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“Giving me one check one time, that’s nice, but we want people that really love being part of this ministry and habitat.” -Danny Herron

Show Notes

[1:17] – Has Danny seen the nonprofit sector change over the last 12 years?

[3:37] –The ability to scale is the greatest challenge facing the nonprofit sector, in Danny’s opinion.

[5:32] – We learn the extent of Danny’s fundraising experience before joining Habitat.

[8:08] – This is how Danny has kept his team at Habitat. 

[10:19] – Danny shares what he believes his team would say about working for him.

[11:42] – On the flipside, here’s what Danny thinks his team would say is the most stressful part about working for him.

[13:30] – Strategically speaking, Danny and his team work with a 3-5 year plan.

[16:42] – We hear Danny talk about what he does to prepare his staff for the next president. 

[18:42] – Danny reveals the one thing he wishes he learned early on in his career. 

[20:16] – Would Danny take the opportunity to do a do-over during any time in his career?  Here’s what he has to say about it.

[21:56] – What advice would Danny give to the next generation who wants to work in the nonprofit sector? 

[23:40] – Tommy concludes the conversation. 

“I lead by strategy, but the execution is always through department heads.” -Danny Herron

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