Board Chair and CEO Working Relationship – Central Union Mission

Joe and I made a decision early on that it would be helpful to have a one on one, every month. And I try within three, four days ahead of time, to send him a tentative agenda of the things that I’d like to hear about.” -DeeDee Collins

Whether we realize it or not, each of us benefits from the work of the nonprofit sector. A strong nonprofit sector is key to thriving communities. At Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership with Tommy Thomas, we are on a journey – a journey to play a small part in equipping the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

Unlike similar shows where the guests often make their living writing, teaching, or speaking about leadership, our guests are seasoned leaders, and there is something we can learn from their experience that will make the nonprofit stronger and more effective.

Every day, nonprofits feed, heal, shelter, educate, inspire, and nurture people of every age, race, and socioeconomic status. The common thread that runs through each nonprofit story is that the impact of the organization rises and falls on leadership – leadership throughout the organization and leadership at the board level.

Join me, Dr. Tommy Thomas as we talk with DeeDee Collins, Board Chair for Central Union Mission and Joe Mettimano, the President and CEO of Central Union Mission.  I met DeeDee when our firm was selected to help the Board of Central Union Mission find a successor to a long serving and beloved Executive Director.

Listen to their story about how they have crafted and honed a successful working relationship.

Show Notes

1:11 – Joe shares a bit about the history of Central Union Mission and the scope of services offered

4:08 – DeeDee shares the context of the search that brought Joe in as CEO

8:22 – Joe and DeeDee begin to discuss the working relationship between the CEO and Board Chair

12:27 – Board turnover and what DeeDee does to minimize this

16:19 – Board Meeting Evaluation Process

17:10 – Term Limits

21:20 – Bylaws and Policy Manual

23:42 – The Board, the Staff and Strategic Planning

25:23 – How Central Union Missions selects the next Board Chair

29:49 – What Joe learned from former World Vision President – Rich Stearns – about using a President’s Report in the Board Book for the upcoming Board Meetings

32:37 – Risk Management physical plant security, personnel security, data and confidential information, active shooter

34:57 – Risk Management – How to ensure that risk management is integrated into the fabric of the culture and not left in a binder on the shelf

I had the pleasure of having an amazing relationship with Rich Stearns.  I still do to this day, he’s a friend. He was my mentor, my coach. I had a dotted line reporting relationship with him while I was there for almost nine years. And I learned so much from him, including just managing good board relationships and making sure that you’re transparent and honest in all things with your board.” -Joe Mettimano

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