Best of Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership with Tommy Thomas – Volume 1

“[The value in mentoring is] in seizing the moment, having the heart of a teacher, finding those teachable moments in the middle of the day.” –Holly Moore

Welcome to this episode of the Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership With Tommy Thomas podcast. I’m grateful for all the great and informative guests that have given us their time. 

From time to time, I want to have a “best of” episode—a time when we can go back and review what have been some of the highlights from previous episodes. 

In this episode, we’ll highlight some of our favorite moments with Holly Moore, Bob Lonac, Carl Zylstra, Emily Sarmiento, Jim Loscheider, Jeff Jowdy, and Norm Hall.  You can find links to their full episodes below.

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“My two greatest failures are my two greatest experiences, of finding God and moving to a better place.”
-Bob Lonac

Show Notes

[1:51] – Holly Moore reveals what she believes is the most effective thing she’s done to mentor those under her.

[4:50] – What Bob Lonac learned from his greatest failure.

[8:11] – Carl Zylstra addresses whether or not he has a classical orientation when bringing on new board members.

[10:34] – This is the technical approach Carl believes is ideal for all boards: having a good board manual.

[12:10] – Emily Sarmiento shares her observations about the differences between the corner office and the office she had been in before.

[15:07] – Jim Loscheider responds to the metaphor “the chairman and the CEO must learn to dance together. And neither can stray very far from each other’s gaze or proceed independently.” 

[17:18] – Jeff Jowdy discusses what he learned from Clark Baker.

[20:01] – Norm Hall explains how a person from a student development track becomes a fundraiser.

[23:53] – Tommy wraps up the conversation.

“There is a technical approach that I think is really good and that’s for a board to have a good board manual.” –Carl Zylstra

Links and Resources

JobfitMatters – Website

Full Episodes

Holly Moore – The Heart of a Teacher: How Holly Moore Is Guiding the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders

Bob Lonac – Is There Life After Young Life?: How Young Life Equipped Bob Lonac To Be A CEO

Carl Zylstra – Leading a Not-for-Profit Board – my conversation with Carl Zylstra

Emily Sarmiento: Lessons Learned Along the Way to the Corner Office

Talking Stewardship and Generosity with Jim Loscheider

Jeff Jowdy: The Art & Science of Fundraising

Norm Hall: His Journey To Becoming The President Of Simpson University


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