Atul Tandon – Principles of Effective Board Service

Professor Ryan uses the rowing metaphor, and he says that the board’s job is to steer and management’s job is to row.” – Atul Tandon

Show Notes

2:24 – The CEO / Board Chair working relationship / Dr. William Ryan’s workshop

5:18 – Who sets the agenda for the Board Meeting

6:23 – Board Composition

7:35 – Recruiting new Board Members at Opportunity International

9:25 – What keeps a nonprofit Board from functioning effectively?

13:55 – What are you doing to strengthen the Opportunity International Board?

19:00 – What’s the best thing a Board can do for a new CEO?

20:00 – Succession Planning

24:00 – Atul’s counsel to someone asking for advice on whether to become a Board Chair

The board has to have good agreement on the mission of the organization. They’ve gotta get very clear about that. Secondly, the board has to get very clear about what the definition of success is. What kind of success are they looking for?” – Atul Tandon

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