Atul Tandon – His Leadership Journey from Citibank to Opportunity International

I think you should tell your listeners that you and World Vision made me go through. I might get the number slightly wrong, but something like 52 interviews for a job that is gonna pay me I think about a 10th of what my salary was at that time.” -Atul Tandon

Show Notes

4:00 – Atul shares about his transition from Citibank to World Vision

5:04 – Atul shares about growing up in India in a family of very little means

6:35 – Lessons that are transferrable from the private sector to the nonprofit sector

8:31 – Unleashing the strengths of those around you and celebrating the wins

9:49 – Early days at World Vision

12:36 – What Atul must have in any leadership role he accepts

15:00 – Lessons learned in hard times

23:00 – Common traits of all effective leaders

25:00 – Most common issue that can derail the career of a leader

26:16 – The nonprofit and risk management

“So that’s what I decided to do. I said, okay, I’m gonna take all my skills and what I have learned and apply it to lifting up people at the bottom of the pyramid.” -Atul Tandon

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