5 Tips For Hiring Great People

“Hiring is so key and pivotal to the success of an organization.” -Dr. Sandra Gray

If you’ve been listening to Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership with Tommy Thomas for a while, you’ve probably observed that much of what our guests share is more like a compass than a roadmap.  For many of the topics that we discuss, there isn’t a right or a wrong way to address the topic.  There are principles that are good to follow.  Seldom is there a one-size-fits-all response.

In this episode, you will hear from five of our previous guests sharing their thoughts on what goes into a great hiring decision.  

My hope is that you will digest what you hear, contextualize this around your own team and gifts and abilities, and come up with something that works for you. 

This episode also serves as a great introduction to our podcast for those you may know who are involved in the hiring process at their respective companies.  Be sure to share it with them as I’m confident they will find many of the talking points very insightful.

I hope you enjoy these timeless reflections about hiring great people!

“There’s a huge difference between hiring people and selecting talent.” -Holly Moore

Show Notes

[2:23] – What Dr. Sandra Gray looks for when hiring for senior leadership.

[4.55] – Bob Lonac reveals what the highlights are in the long road of hiring.

[6:49] – Bob shares a story about using his intuition to hire a Radio Vice President.

[8:37] – The most critical thing about the hiring process, according to Jim Loscheider.

[10:28] – Jim talks about the differences between hiring from within the company and hiring from the outside.

[12:03] – Holly Moore tells us what she believes the primary characteristics are when she’s looking to hire someone.

[14:36] – The worst mistake hiring managers make, in Holly Moore’s experience.

[15:58] – This is the one question Holly would ask if she only had five minutes to interview someone.

[17:55] – Christine Talbot discusses her experience with recruiting.  

[20:45] – Tommy recaps some of the major talking points and shares some of his own experience in hiring.

“I do love to hire from within, but there’s an appropriate time to hire from the outside as well.” -Jim Loscheider

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