The Search Process

Orientation and Discovery

When you engage JobFitMatters®, we start with a thorough orientation of the board and anyone else involved in the hiring decision regarding the search process. We help you design the strategy for the search, determine who should be involved in what aspects of the search, and set up a timeline. We also devote considerable effort to understanding your organization and all of the factors affecting the hiring decision.

In that connection, we can survey various groups within your organization—e.g., staff, constituents, key donors—whose input might be beneficial to understanding what sort of leader is needed.

The Critical Leadership Benchmarks

In order to refine the real expectations for the position, we conduct a series of guided interviews aimed at helping the board and other decision-makers articulate their thoughts and concerns about the open position. We then synthesize that information into Critical Leadership Benchmarks (CLBs) that define the role in motivational and behavioral language. The CLBs make it much easier to accurately evaluate the extent to which a candidate naturally fits what the job requires.

The Opportunity Profile

The Opportunity Profile is a marketing vehicle we use to publicize the position and attract potential candidates. We post the profile on-line for people to gain an understanding of your organization and the details of the position. It also directs viewers to your organization’s website for additional information. The formulation of this piece is a strategic part of the search, because it is designed to draw the ideal candidate.

The Opportunity Profile will be widely circulated and will strengthen the pool of candidates. It contains instructions for those who want to apply for the position, including three or four essay questions. We find that the responses to those questions tend to reveal more about candidates than what normally appears on their CVs, and are a means of qualifying which ones should go further in the search.

The Marketing Platform

In addition to the Opportunity Profile, JobFitMatters® conducts an aggressive marketing campaign to attract potential candidates. Among the means we employ are:

  • An e-blast to targeted segments of our extensive JobFitMatters® database.
  • Mutually agreed upon print and/or web advertising.
  • A professionally produced video introduction to the search, posted on our JobFitMatters® YouTube channel, as well as on your organization’s website.
  • A campaign of outbound telephone sourcing calls.

“Sourcing” means finding and assembling a pool of candidates. This is where JobFitMatters® proves invaluable. We take a proactive approach in networking and reaching out to potential candidates, using leads generated from the Opportunity Profile and other sources, as well as contacting a wide variety of people who might know of someone we should talk to. This activity is vital, because some of the best candidates are quite satisfied in jobs they already have, and will not give your position much thought unless we contact them and make the case for why they should put their name into consideration.

Job-Fit Analysis and Recommendations

When the pool of candidates is narrowed to the top three to five candidates, it’s time to thoroughly check the fit between each candidate’s inborn giftedness and the expectations for the position (as summarized in the Critical Leadership Benchmarks). To do that, we use a proprietary assessment process called The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA®). SIMA® is a non-psychological, qualitative approach to identifying an individual’s inborn core strengths and natural motivation. It has proven itself over the past fifty years in thousands of organizations as a consistently reliable indicator of performance.

The SIMA® process begins with an in-depth interview around the person’s own history of “meaningful achievement,” meaning activities they have done in life that they enjoyed doing and gained energy from doing. An analysis of that interview reveals a thoroughly unique and highly consistent pattern of motivated behavior that the person naturally and instinctively uses to do that which proves meaningful and satisfying to him/her. That pattern, called a Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®), is quite powerful and accurate in predicting how a candidate will function relative to the CLBs articulated by the board.

Armed with the MAPs® of the finalists, JobFitMatters® is then prepared to give precise answers to the board regarding how well each finalist matches the position.

Onboarding the New Leader

Once the hiring decision has been made, JobFitMatters® is available to assist during the transition period of the new leader. We can help him/her get up to speed quickly on the dynamics of your organization. We can also coach staff and others in understanding and working with his/her style and in anticipating what to expect.