Guiding Principles

Healthy Nonprofit Sector

We believe in and appreciate the nonprofit sector of the United States economy.  We are convinced that well managed and sustainable nonprofit organizations can be a great way to strengthen and improve the quality of life for many people in a given area.

Strong and Lasting Relationships

We are committed to developing strong and lasting relationships with the leaders of the nonprofit organizations that we serve, the people that we ultimately recruit to these organizations and with those individuals in our larger network.

Hard Work

We believe in hard work and are thankful that we live in a country where hard work is valued and appreciated.  We are thankful for our health and the God-given skills and experiences that we use daily in serving our clients.  We believe that we have a responsibility to be a good steward of the gifts and skills that we have been given.

The Power of Giftedness

We believe in the power of giftedness. Giftedness is the unique way a person is designed to function. It’s the inborn core strengths and natural motivation a person instinctively uses to do things that are satisfying and productive.  Not just what a person can do, but what they were born to do, enjoy doing and do very well.

The Power of the Narrative

We believe in the power of the narrative and that the way to get close to a person, to learn how they are wired and how they will do a job is through a careful and thoughtful analysis of their best stories – stories about times in their lives when they were doing something really well and thoroughly enjoying it; times when they were so engrossed in the joy of what they were doing that time stood still.

Working with and Through People

We believe that success in any enterprise always comes down to people—working with them, getting them to work together, and working through them to get results. That’s a sophisticated challenge. Our commitment to our clients is to show them how to set things up for people to consistently offer their very best.

Balance Between Work and Play

We believe it is important to strike the proper balance between work and play.  We travel a lot and put in long hours when we are onsite with our clients.  We are customer-focused and customer-driven.  We strive to balance this with quality time with our families during our non-work hours.


We believe that in order for a business to be sustainable and successful, it must be profitable.  We have learned the hard way that we can’t accept all of the business that comes our way.  In order to provide for the well-being of our employees we have to make a profit.  That doesn’t preclude pro bono work but it does limit it.