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Attitude of Gratitude Week 3

When the phrase “Summer of 1969” is mentioned, many people my age remember that as the summer of Woodstock.  I was beginning my sophomore year at Auburn and aside from the difficulty of my classes, I remember the Summer of 1969 for another reason. I had just broken up with an attractive Auburn co-ed and […]

Attitude of Gratitude Week 2

My wife, Nancy, and I have been together for thirty-four years. We met at Twenty-Five & Alive, a college/career group that our church hosted. The idea behind the name was that the group was for “older” singles. Nancy was only twenty-four at the time but came with her roommate who “did meet the age requirement”. […]

Attitude of Gratitude Week 1

We have one more part to our 3 part succession series to which we will return. Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, we are going to take a little break and refocus our attention to the Attitude of Gratitude. Author  Mark Batterson encourages his readers to journal about things they are thankful for. He calls […]

Developing a Succession Policy Part 2

Last week, we began a series on the importance of your Board of Directors having a succession policy in place in the event that your organization’s CEO may not be a right fit, step down unexpectedly, become incapacitated or pass away. Part 1 focused on questions to consider surrounding the active CEO and the interim […]