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Developing a Succession Policy Part 1

Most Board Members don’t like to think about it but the day always comes when it is time to  select a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Unfortunately, Sometimes the incumbent isn’t getting the job done and the board chooses to let the person go.  It is more often the case that the incumbent gets an […]

Kirk Day School Head of School – Completed

Head of School Search for Kirk Day School Job Title: Head of School Location: St. Louis, MO JobfitMatters and Kirk Day School in St. Louis are partnering together in a search for KDS’s next Head of School. KDS is an independent Christian elementary school serving 242 children ages 3 through grade 6 operated as a […]

Beware of the $1 a Year CEO Part II

Since Case #1 in our Beware of the $1 a Year CEO series, there have been several instances where we have had strong interest executives who have enjoyed very successful and financially rewarding careers in the private sector and are considering a second career as nonprofit organization CEO. If I believe that someone like this […]

Beware of the $1 a Year Executive-Part 1

#91566246 / The Baby Boomer generation is one of the first generations that have had the luxury of considering leaving their jobs early in life in order to go to work for a nonprofit organization or charity–often for very little compensation. In our business, we refer to this as the “$1 a Year Executive.” […]